VHD Still Loves Donna Flora!

t’s a couple weeks late, but we at Vanity House of Designs wish to thank each and all of you for your support with the Love Donna Flora event which ran through August 11th at a sim dedicated to the purpose. 

the event has passed but her need remains – visit the VHD loves Donna Flora store today, please♥

Although the event sim is no longer up, Squinternet Larnia (creator of Donna Flora) still battles aggressive, advanced breast cancer and her need for our help most assuredly has not yet ended. 

For that reason, VHD has a dedicated store, immediately to the right of the landing point in our sim, that will remain dedicated to her cause in perpetuity. Proceeds from each item purchased in the LDF store remain distributed for her benefit. 

Please, have another look at the items we have for sale in the LDF store. More items will soon be added, at different price points. And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your consideration and support.


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